Housing Support

Taiwa Gakuen provides housing support for international students.

Our student dorms are managed by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. These convenient spaces allow you to start your new life right away.

Peace of Mind

Because the dorm heads are married couples who live there permanently, they can provide support with deliveries, sudden illnesses, and so on. The dorm entrance features an auto-lock as well as a security camera.


All the amenities necessary for student life are provided, including desks, chairs, bookshelves, beds, closets, telephones, air conditioners, and soon. Rooms are completely private.


Nutritional and well-balanced homemade meals are provided in the morning and evening by on-site nutritionists. There is a choice of Japanese and Western cuisine for breakfast, and both rice and miso soup are free of charge.

Dormitory Introductions

Dormy Hanazono Marutamachi
(Male/Female dorm)

Dormy Kiyomizu Gojo
(Male/Female dorm)

Dormy Senbon Nijo
(Male/Female dorm)

Dormy Kamogawa Park
(Female dorm)

Dormy Hyakumanben
(Male dorm)

Boarding Fees (special rate for international student)

Initial costs
Entry fee 45,000 yen
Deposit 45,000 yen
Building maintenance fee (yearly) 3,000 yen
Monthly fees
Monthly rent (incl. meals) 77,900 yen
data and facility fee
3,888 yen
Electricity/phone fee Actual cost

* For a one-year contract.

Other housing providers that accept international students

Please inquire for details.

Student Housing, Inc. Gosho Nishi Karasumaru Store

Property Name: Balloon Club 2, etc.

Tel: 075-417-3215

Tsukasa Kosan Co., Ltd. College House Division

Property Name:LA CREA Kyoto Garden, etc.

Tel: 0120-728-005

Student Information Center Co., Ltd. (Nasic)

Property Name:CASA VERDE Teramachi Nijo, etc.

Tel: 0120-194-749

Examples of part-time job opportunities

We at Taiwa Gakuen assist students in applying to part-time jobs.

Name of Establishment Industry
Joytel Staff Lodging facility
Hakkenden, Saga Location Japanese-style pub
Cafe ran Zan Cafe
Inoda coffee Cafe
"Washoku Sato," Saga Location Japanese restaurant
Taisho HANANA Taichazuke restaurant
Minokichi Japanese-style restaurant
Kumahiko Japanese-style restaurant
Tankuma Kitamise Japanese cuisine
Kikuya Komai Japanese cuisine
Matsui Ryokan Japanese-style inn
Grace Saison Western-style confectionery
Tsuruya Yoshinobu Japanese confectionery
Kameya Yoshinaga Japanese confectionery
Kyoto Hotel Okura Hotel
The Westin Miyako Kyoto Hotel
JATS Kansai Travel

*The above jobs are not guaranteed to be available.

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