Student Introductions

Han Young-ta

From Taiwan

Kyoto represents Japan as one of its ancient capitals, and it's an extremely popular tourist destination! Being able to enjoy the tradition and atmosphere as I study makes every day a stimulating experience. I love living here!

Chung Hoi-hoon

From China

There are so many experienced teachers here, and they provide detailed instruction during our training. Learning so much about the culinary arts comes in handy during my daily life as well. Come study with others who dream of being culinary professionals just like you!

Wu Junrui

From China

When saying Japanese cuisine and Japanese cuisine, Kyoto is the real home. I think that it can be said that traditional Japanese cuisine culture is in Kyoto. To understand the essence of Japanese cuisine, Kyoto is the best place! And Kyoto is said to be a city of study abroad, international students from all over the world gather. Because new things are born often in this foreign cultural exchange place, you can learn various dishes. Besides that, there are many nice sceneries from the four seasons and rich nature. So I chose Kyoto.
The best part is still the teachers. All the teachers at the Kyoto Cookery College are gentle and kind. They have great ability and are enthusiastic about cooking. And each teacher has its own personality, and the lecture and practice are all fun.
Cooking is fun! Eating is also fun! By all means at the Kyoto Cookery College, let's study together with interesting friends and teachers!!

Chen Xiao

From China

In Kyoto the city itself is Japanese culture. The river flows, cherry blossoms are blooming, autumn leaves are colored, there are tastes every season. There are also many historic landscapes. Kyoto is a town where people are kind and warm.
I aimed to open a Japanese restaurant by myself and enrolled in the Kyoto Cookery Technical College to learn in Japanese cuisine "Kyoto". As a beginner, I encountered various walls and troubles, but I am able to spend happy every day thanks to the teacher who always encourages me and supports me and my friendly classmates. Of course the cooking skill improves, and the cooking feels more and more fun!
From a professional teacher, you can teach basic cooking skills as well as advanced cooking techniques and Japanese aesthetic sense / sense. In addition, there are many events such as 'Eating Walking Workshop' where you visit shops in Kyoto and cooking, competing for the skill of cooking with friends, and 'School technology contest' which will be enhanced. I can do it. Let's send a fun study abroad life that can be utilized for future work at the Kyoto Cookery College together!!

Lina Khairani

From Indonesia

Because I love Japanese culture, I studied abroad in Kyoto! There are also many beautiful and famous sightseeing spots, and even for international students to study Kyoto which is easy to live, It's a nice place! There are many delicious foods and it is perfect for studying cuisine!
There is a professional latest facility so that you can learn cooking firmly, and the teacher taught me gently and gently until students are known.
To come to Kyoto rich in Japanese tradition and food culture, so that you can make delicious dishes yourself, let's study together in Kyoto!!

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