Student Introductions

Han Young-ta

From Taiwan

Kyoto represents Japan as one of its ancient capitals, and it's an extremely popular tourist destination! Being able to enjoy the tradition and atmosphere as I study makes every day a stimulating experience. I love living here!

Chung Hoi-hoon

From China

There are so many experienced teachers here, and they provide detailed instruction during our training. Learning so much about the culinary arts comes in handy during my daily life as well. Come study with others who dream of being culinary professionals just like you!

So Kesshi

From Taiwan

I have always liked cooking, and since a young age I have wanted to work in the food service industry. My parents used to live in Japan, so I decided to make serious efforts to study Japanese cooking, which is very popular in my country Taiwan. After studying for two years at a Japanese language school, I entered Kyoto Culinary Art College.
I was worried that my Japanese language ability wasn't good enough for me to keep up with the lessons and whether or not I would get on well with the other students, but I was very relieved to discover that the college has a very "at-home" atmosphere and that the instructors listened sympathetically to anything you had to say. The practical lessons were in a "hands-on-training" style. You get a real feeling of developing your own skills each time you have a lesson as a result of the many ingredients you deal with and the lessons you take. Kyoto is Japan's ancient capital, and has numerous shrines and temples that have been designated as world heritage sites; with opportunities to see things such as Noh and kyogen, it is perfect for learning about Japanese culture. I learned so many things during my two years and I hope to make full use of what I learned in my future work.

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