About Kyoto Culinary Art College

Program Introductions

Advanced Japanese Cuisine Program 和食・日本料理上級科

Two-year Program Learn to harness the unique flavors of the four seasons with Kyoto vegetables and other seasonal ingredients. Master the art of delicious Japanese cuisine with a focus on the tastes of Kyoto.

Advanced French Cuisine Program フランス料理上級科

Two-year Program From classic to modern styles, you’ll learn how to prepare a wide range of French cuisine with a Kyoto flourish.

Advanced Italian Cuisine Program イタリア料理上級科

Two-year Program Learn the art of Italian cuisine and regional dishes, which utilize abundant original ingredients, in Kyoto that can help you bring out their full flavor.

Culinary Program 調理師科

One-year Program Learn everything from Japanese cuisine to Western and Chinese cuisine in the span of a single year, allowing you to enter the industry in the shortest amount of time possible.

Certifications to be Obtained

  • Cooking License (all programs)

Potential Certifications

  • Confectionery Hygiene Master License
  • Blowfish Preparation License
  • Restaurant Service Proficiency Test Certification, etc.

Student-run Restaurant

Students in our various two-year programs operate a restaurant in the realistically designed training area and serve actual customers. They are responsible not only for preparing the food, but also performing the duties of the head chef and overseeing every aspect of the restaurant’s operation. By constantly engaging in practical training throughout their course of study, students gain the skills they need to succeed in an actual workplace.

Double Licensing Course [Cook + Confectionery Hygienist]

By attending this institution while taking correspondence confectionery courses, you can save on tuition while earning both your cooking license and confectionery hygienist license in a short period of time. Classes can be taken at the same location, so you won’t have to deal with a hectic schedule. Kyoto Culinary Art College is the only culinary institution in Kansai that allows you to take correspondence courses and earn your confectionery hygienist license from a group institution!

1. Confectionery Correspondence Course

Study at Kyoto Culinary Art College while taking correspondence courses of Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College to become a confectionery hygienist!

2. Double Licensing Advancement Course

After graduating from Kyoto Culinary Art College, enroll in Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College and earn your confectionery hygienist certification!

Kyoto Culinary Art College

Learn to prepare dishes that are as beautiful and healthy as they are delicious!

A world class large scale new campus was finally completed in April 2018 at Kyoto Culinary Art College. This world-class space will provide training rooms designed with future workplaces in mind that can accommodate all disciplines, as well as seminar halls where professional skills can be taught. These new developments will spur the birth of new culinary specialists who can spread their newfound prowess all around the world. We hope you are as excited as we are about the potential of these new educational endeavors, which are sure to allow our institution to reach heights never before imagined.

Join Our Open Campus Event!

Learn all about the school in a single day! Plenty of fun events each time you visit!

When it comes to understanding the curriculum, job opportunities, facilities, atmosphere, teachers and student body, nothing beats seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your own ears, and experiencing it all for yourself. After the event, let’s take a stroll around Kyoto!

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School Introduction

We’ll introduce details about the curriculum, obtainable certifications, employment opportunities, and so on. We’ll also give you some tips for the entrance examination.

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Training Session

Look, listen, cook, eat, and have lots of fun! Enjoy a seminar with the same instructors and facilities as actual students. You’ll have plenty of chances to interact with students, too!

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Individual Advising Sessions

Instructors and advisors will be on hand to address any questions or concerns you have about the entrance exam, tuition, employment, part-time jobs, and so on. We provide individual consultations, so feel free to say whatever’s on your mind. You’re sure to feel better afterward.